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Ilmas-e-Kemyavi is an expensive but extremely effective Nervine tonic tablets for men wrapped in gold foil. It was formulated by Dr Hakim Ajmal Khan. It contains nine highly refined natural ingredients.

The Nine naturally occurring ingredients are found to be very effective and research has shown men of all ages are highly satisfied with the results of Ilmas-e-Kemyavi.

If your Erectile Dysfunction is temporary or long term through stress, tiredness, hardening of arteries or physical or psychological reasons this medicine is for you.

* Eliminates body fatigue and sexual debility
* Opens blood vessels and improves blood circulation
* Effectively treats Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
* Once blood flow is increased powerful aphrodisiacs are delivered to genitals
* Increases production of sex hormones giving the libido an instant boost
* Prevents premature ejaculation
* Increases semen production


One Tablet around 5.00 pm for 20 days with warm cup of milk to regain your sexual power to optimum level. For temporary use take one tablet two hours before intercourse.


Warq-e-Tela (Gold Foil), Ilmas, Al-Ahmar, Musk,Mudaber, Marwarid (Pearl) , Marjan Jawahir(Red Coral), Zehar Mohra (Serpentine), Behman Surkh (Salvia Haematodes), Taamsesar

Al-Ahmar-: is a Unani herbal product that is prepared from natural herbs and is found to be very effective for impotency in men. Ahmar helps to restore the energy back and helps in treating the loss of libido, erectile dysfunctions. Al-Ahmar helps to increase the sperm count and produces sperms in high quality. Al-Ahmar is a very useful natural product for all kinds of sexual dysfunctions in men.

Musk-: is the dried secretion from the perpetual follicles of Musk Deer. Musk is found in a small sac situated at a short distance behind navel and just in front of perpetual orifice. The Musk is secreted by alveoli of the inner lining of the sac is collected in its cavity. It promotes blood circulation.

Marwarid (Pearls) -: Extremely effective against general debility and reduced sexual activity, anxiety and stress.

Zehar Mohra -: Serpentine remove toxins from the body.

Behman Surkh (Salvia haematodes) -: increases ejaculation latency. This plant is used as an aphrodisiac and for the treatment of premature ejaculation.


10 Tablets in one pack.